a walk in the sunshine

% loaded hello there. My name is Maggie. This is my personal blog. I make gifs. Ask me a question if you would like to know about me or my blog. Preferably non-anonymous. I do not own any of the videos that these gifs come from. I post what ever the hell I feel like posting. enjoy. **BY THE WAY: I don't post very often, but when I do I try to make it quality. *~*Semi-hiatus bc school*~*

Baby Elephant takes a bath x

prehensile-tailed porcupine x 

prehensile-tailed porcupine x 

Golden Retriever Puppies In the Snow x

Happy Turkey Day! x

The World’s Smallest Dog x

Epic Jedi Battle x

Snow Leopards ~

Corgi at Mt. Fugi [x]

Bentley the Fussy Puppy [source]

Bentley the Fussy Puppy [source]

Dog Wants A Cabbage +